Artistic set of earrings and necklaces in 3 different sizes combining gemstones Dragon Blood, Agate, Sapphire, Tiffany Stone and Volcanic Stones, rhinestones and different glass crystals and beads.


Zingaresque - SET. 3 Necklaces & Earrings. Jaspis, Agate, Sapphire & Bertrandite

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  • Product information

    • Single Item
    • Unique handmade earrings & necklaces in 3 different lengths
    • Semi-precious gemstones Dragon Blood/ Jaspis
    • Semi-precious gemstones Agate
    • Semi-precious gemstones Sapphire
    • Semi-precious gemstones Tiffany Stone 
    • Volcanic Stones
    • Elements with rhinestones
    • Different glass crystals and beads
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