Artistic intriguing and ultra-feminine handmade Set of necklace and earrings combining gemstones Turmaline in different sizes and colors, Hematite and unique handmade imprinted beads produced at our own workshop  with initials of La Maison de Ginger and opulent 24k gold leaf.


Giboulée - SET Necklace & Earrings. Turmaline, handmade beads with 24k Gold

  • Product information

    • Single Item
    • Set of handmade earrings & necklace
    • Semi-precious gemstones Turmaline in differnt sizes & colors
    • Semi-precious gemstones black rough Turmaline
    • Hematite
    • Handmade imprinted beads with initials of La Maison de Ginger, produced at the workshop of La Maison de Ginger with 24k gold leave
    • Rings, goldplated
    • Ear-pieces and closure brass gold filled 18k (double covered with real-gold )
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