Inspire your very own and custom made piece of art!


It can be a dream, an image you hold dear, a combination of colors, a feeling, whatever inspires you to wear as your personalized piece of art. Tell us if you want a bracelet, a necklace or earrings or a set of all.


After you will have made your order La Maison de Ginger will send you three ideas within a few days or maximum one week and you can choose from the three options.


As the unique artistic process is what we uphold custom made pieces will differ in time of production and materials used, thats why we can only tell you the prices after having created the first drafts/ ideas.


After having received the three options in form of drafts/ photographs and their prices per E-mail you can choose one of the three or all of them and pay the difference of the remaining amount of the total payment. After having received the complete payment we will send you the art pieces. There will not be any additional shipping costs.


In case you have changed your mind by then and do not want to buy any of those artworks we kindly ask you to understand that the initial fee of 45€ can not be refund and the creations will stay at La Maison de Ginger to sell.


We look forward to receiving your ideas and thank you for your trust in the creativity of La Maison de Ginger!


The artistic director

Rosa Ginger Berg



SKU: Creation des Reves
  • Just to avoid any misunderstandings we ask you to please read the following:

    By buying your personalized dream jewelry you agree to buy a piece of custom made jewelry created specially for you at La Maison de Ginger. Therefor you pay an initial amount of 45€ to La Maison de Ginger and agree to transfer the remaining amount for the artpiece after having agreed on which of the 3 art piece you want to buy, before actually receiving it.

    La Maison de Ginger agrees to send you a draft (photographs) of 3 different art pieces (for example earrings) per E-mail within a maximum of one week after having received the initial payment of 45€.

    The amount of 45€ will not be refund in case you choose to not buy one or more of our custom made creations. In that case you withdraw from our contract and La Maison de Ginger has the right to sell those items.

    You further agree to tell us what you expect, it can be a very vague or also a more explicit idea about colors and materials or just a hint or feeling you'd like to have translated into your custom made art piece.

    To avoid any misunderstanding please also tell us what kind of jewelry you'd like to have: earrings, necklace or bracelet or a set of more pieces.

    The beauty of this process is that we both don't know the outcome which makes this process even more inspiring.





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