Cofre au Trésor

Artistic, precious and ultra-feminine handmade Set of earrings and double- necklace, combining Pearls, Garnet/ Granat, Tourmaline, Gold-plated Hematite and a handmade imprinted bead by La Maison de Ginger with 24k Gold.


Coffre au Trésor - SET earrings & double-necklace. Pearls, Garnet, Tourmaline

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  • Product information

    • Single Item
    • SET of handmade earrings and double-necklace
    • Pearls, differnt colours and sizes, freshwater
    • Semi-precious gemstones Garnet/ Granat
    • Semi-precious gemstones Tourmaline
    • Hematite, gold plated
    • Handmade imprinted bead created at La Maison de Ginger with 24k Gold
    • Connection-rings and elements gold plated
    • Ear-pieces and closure: brass gold filled 18k (double covered with real-gold )
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